Registration Information


Registration is required for every single person in your cabin. You are not considered a part of the event until you actually register for the event. The cruise line charges us fees for every single person included in our group even if they are not attending the CLE and we have to pay this in advance of the cruise …  Please help us stay organized and current by registering when you book.

Please note, registration is included in the single studio package, so, if you book a single studio package, you DO NOT need to register separately.

Full Access – $100 per person. Full access passes give you access to our entire event including seminars and continuing education credits (CLE), our amazing goodie bags, all social events and more. Almost every single person should purchase a full access pass. A full access pass is required for anyone involved in the legal field in any capacity including students.

Friends & Family – $50 per person. If you are bringing a friend or family member with you who is not involved in the legal field in any capacity (such as a spouse, sibling, etc.), they can register for a reduced price. This will give them access to social events only. Many friends & family members upgrade to full access passes to get the amazing goodie bag (our 2020 goodie bag was 6 POUNDS of goodies) and to have the option to attend some of the seminars. We almost always have seminars some friends & family will want to attend, such as sessions about stress or relaxation, real estate, wills, etc.

Children Under 18 at the time of the cruise – if you are bringing minors along, they can register for free. Please register them so we have a record. They will be able to join you for all of the social events and non alcoholic drinks will be available at the cocktail socials, etc.