Cabin Cost & Perks

If your cabin is going to have 2 or more people in it, OR, if you simply want more choices for 1 person, you are in the right place…  Please don’t forget to book AND register.

If you are looking for single studio packages for ONE person, please click HERE.



Once you’ve booked your cabin, please don’t forget to REGISTER.

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Because there are approximately 12 different cabin types, prices change frequently and prices can vary depending on occupancy, you’ll need to contact our official representative Emily Bell to get your cabin price.

Why? Because we want you to get the BEST price available to you at the time that you book. It’s just not possible for us to update sample pricing for every scenario every single day. There are simply too many variables.

If you’ve never cruised before or just have questions about cruise cabins and the different types of cabins, etc. Please call your event organizer, Linda at 305-753-2443 or email

You must book your cabin through our NCL representative Emily Bell, the best way to reach Emily is to email her at ELBELL@NCL.COM or call her at 954-514-4471.

Please see below for important information you need to include in your e-mail or have available when you call.

Due to the volume of inquiries we receive and in order to help us best provide you with a quote, when you contact Emily, you must provide the following information when you request your quote (you can copy/paste this into an email and just add your info):

Group Number: A1100450

Cruise Date: January 28, 2022

How many people will be sharing the cabin:

What type of cabin are you interested in:

(inside cabins are the cheapest, oceanview cabins have a window to the outside and will cost a little more, balcony cabins will cost a little bit more but will be a bit bigger and have a balcony, there are also club suites and haven suites which will cost more but have more benefits)

Your phone number:

If you need more than 1 cabin, please include the information for each cabin. 

We recommend 2 people per cabin, some cabins can hold up to 4 people, but perks are usually only given to the first 2 people, and the rooms are really designed for 2. Connecting cabins are generally available, so if you are coming with friends or family, consider connecting cabins with 2 people per cabin.

Once you’ve booked your cabin, please don’t forget to REGISTER.


Each booking includes FREE Beverage Package and $100 On Board Credit:

  • Beverage Package (For Guest 1 & 2 only, Guests are responsible for the beverage gratuity which is $99 p/p for the entire cruise)
  • $100 On Board Credit

Perks (Choose ONE or get ALL THREE):

If you book an inside cabin, you will choose ONE of these perks:

If you book an oceanview or above you will get ALL THREE of these perks:

  • 1 Night Specialty Dining Package (For Guest 1 & 2 only, Guests are responsible for the gratuity which is $8.99 p/p)
  • 100 Minute WiFi Package (per cabin, not per person – you can upgrade to unlimited)
  • $50 Per Port Shore Excursion Credit (per cabin, not per person)

You will let Emily Bell know your choice of perk(s) when you book your cabin.

Latitudes Rewards:

Because this is a 5 day cruise, you’ll also get your Latitudes Rewards YAYYYYY! If you have cruised on NCL even once before the 2022 cruise, you will get at least some benefits. You can check out the latitudes rewards program HERE. You can check inside your NCL profile to see your Latitudes Rewards Level and corresponding perks.

Once you’ve booked your cabin, please don’t forget to REGISTER.