Thank you for your interest in speaking on the 2023 Paralegal Cruise.

At this time, we are seeking speakers to participate in the on demand portion of our education program. This means once we agree on a topic, we will find a time that works for both of us and will hop on a Zoom and record your session together. The recording of your seminar will be provided to attendees to watch on demand.

Topic & Length: We are not looking for specific topics, we would prefer that you propose a subject that you are passionate and excited about presenting. Seminars should be about 50 minutes in length.

Timing: We’ll need the info below to get the ball rolling (title, description, bio, etc.) so – ASAP – to be included in the 2023 Paralegal Cruise, we’d like to record your seminar in April.  If you can’t accommodate an April recording date, don’t worry, we’ll figure a date out even if we can’t include it in the cruise package, we can still do it for our regular monthly CLE, etc.

Please submit the following information to for consideration:

  1. Seminar title and desired length (most seminars should be about 50 minutes)
  2. Seminar description – this should be an informative paragraph letting attendees know what they will learn about
  3. Three specific learning objectives that attendees can walk away with – this is for the CLE application
  4. Your bio – this will be used for the website and to promote your session, and also for your introduction – if you prefer an abbreviated one for your introduction at the start of the seminar, we can do that as well
  5. Your timeline for recording your seminar


When choosing your topic, keep in mind the following suggestions:

  1. Seminars should be designed for paralegals (vs. attorneys) and our attendees are looking for knowledge packed seminars where they take away new tips and tricks to put to use
  2. The topic should be one you are passionate about, this is a fun event and even though some legal topics aren’t necessarily “fun”, it’s always much better to listen to a speaker who is passionate about what they are teaching
  3. Make sure you can appropriately fill your time slot with approximately 50 minutes of speaking time – please practice to make sure you have the right amount of material – you don’t want to finish too early or have too much material and run out of time
  4. Practice practice practice!


Audio/Video Recordings: Your seminar will be recorded in its entirety for inclusion in our program. Even though we will be pre-recording your seminar, you should be as prepared as you would be to present it live. Please do not include material in your seminar that you are not comfortable having recorded. Typically, the recording consists of your PowerPoint/slides and audio presentation but you may also be visible in the recording. If you’d prefer not to be on camera, we can record your audio over your slides. Slides aren’t mandatory – if slides don’t make sense for your presentation, you don’t need to do slides.

Handouts: A copy of your slides and other handouts (if any) should be provided at the time that we record your session. These will be uploaded to our online classroom where attendees may choose to download them to their devices in advance of the cruise and will have access to them after the cruise for reference.

Continuing Education Credit: We will use the information provided above to request CLE credit as necessary. You do not need to request CLE credit for our purposes of this seminar.

Copyright Ownership: The owner of the copyright of the course material is the speaker. The speaker grants Perfectly Paralegal a non-exclusive, perpetual and royalty free license to reproduce the course material, in whole or in part, and in any and all forms as may be chosen, and to sell, distribute and use copies of all or part of the text in any manner Perfectly Paralegal may find appropriate, retaining all proceeds derived from such distribution and use. Additionally, the speaker ensures that they are sole owner of the work provided or if they are using work of others that they have received prior approval to use the work of others.

Speaker Appreciation: Each speaker will receive a complimentary registration for the 2023 Paralegal Cruise Cyber Edition (on-demand) including all CLE credits and goodie bag by mail.

Cancellations: We understand that things happen that are outside of your control. When you become a speaker on the 2023 Paralegal Cruise we are relying on you to be there to present. Our attendees will be excited for your presentation, promotions will be done and CLE obtained. Please only propose a topic if you are prepared to go forward, we’ll work with you if you need to re-schedule your recording.