Single Studio Package


(Based on current rate of $1,117.50 + event registration fee)

We have special 2019 Single Studio Packages available.

We have limited studios available for $867.50 – this fee INCLUDES:

the cruise, taxes, port fees ($1,117.50 value on 6/01/18)

liquor package, liquor package gratuities ($466.10 value)

plus one additional perk from the list below (value depends on perk chosen)

studio package event registration fee (no separate event registration fee required)

With this option, you would pay a non refundable fee up front to book of $250 and then your balance of $617.50 would be due November 28, 2018. Please keep in mind that your NCL booking confirmation will reflect only a portion of these fees and will reflect your correct balance due of $617.50.

There would be no additional registration fee or deposit due. So, you are saving $325.00 off the current price ($1,117.50 + event registration fee) but the $250 registration fee is NON REFUNDABLE.

Remember, with this special studio package, your event registration is INCLUDED so don’t register separately. If you would like to book this special studio package, please click below OR use this link to sign up:

Please keep in mind that single studio cabins are very limited and always sell out. If you are interested in a single studio cabin, please book ASAP.

Coming with a friend? You can get single studio cabins next to each other or even CONNECTING. If you would like connecting cabins, please contact Linda first to make sure connecting cabins are available. E-mail


  • 3 Night Specialty Dining Package, including gratuity ($81.42 value)
  • Pre-Paid Service Charges ($67.50 value)
  • 250 Minute Wifi Package (128.95 value)
  • 20 Photograph Package
  • $50 per port Shore Excursion Credit
  • $75 On Board Credit

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