Are you experienced?  Or dazed and confused?  What you need to know about Social Media and the practice of law

Speaker: Daniel J. Burnick, Esq.

Social media plays a role in virtually every aspect of a paralegal’s practice: litigation, employment law, criminal, estate planning, and corporate law.  Knowing the pitfall of using, or not using, social media can result in serious ethical violations, for you and your lawyers.  Learn what you can and cannot ethically do, and the impact it may have on you.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  And you will be amazed at what legal professionals do on social media

Conceptualizing, Creating & Producing In-House Mediation & Trial Exhibits

Speaker: Paul Pelton, FRP

It has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  The notion is that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image or that it is possible to absorb large amounts of data quickly with one picture.  In this seminar, we will focus on how to synthesize pertinent, case-related data and create cost-effective, eye-catching demonstrative exhibits for use at hearings, mediations and/or trials utilizing the computer software most paralegals already have on their computers.  Both plaintiff and defense paralegals will benefit from this skill-set by keeping the design work “in house” and eliminating design costs for their clients.

Effective Calendaring and Docketing, Tips for Paralegals

Speaker: Candy Ryan

In this course we will learn the relevant Federal Rules of Procedure which  as well as gaining an understanding of how to control the important deadlines for the legal environment.  We will discuss procedures to follow for case management and becoming a master of time and space! Some of the topics covered include reminders, drop dead deadlines, consequences of missed deadlines, docketing software, maximizing your Outlook calendar and lots more!

Gone to the Dogs: a Closer Look at Support Animals

Speaker: Nancy N. Beaty

With so much publicity lately about emotional support animals, it’s easy to overlook the very valuable work our furry friends can do.  This session will look at the various types of service animals, the legal basis for their acceptance, how (or whether) they are credentialed, and related controversies.  By the end of the session, participants will be able to: distinguish between the three types of support animals; understand the laws that helped to create our current animal-indulgent culture and learn how dogs are used in courtroom settings.

Making Medical Records Your Bitch: A Love Story

Speaker: Lee Strausberg

Medical records provide a wealth of information beyond the obvious. They can often make or break a case. Lee will teach you the language and anatomy of a medical record, the basics of deciphering handwriting and how to know what you’re looking for so that you can fall in love with medical records and make them your bitch.

Sailing Along with Technology

Speaker: Shelly Hunter, Jim Connor, and Christine Randall

Do you want to be the captain of the ship on your next deposition adventure? Would you like to set your sails for success by using timesaving technologies?  Let these three court reporting experts help you and your firm sail through your next deposition or trial using the latest technologies.  It’s not just about staying on course.  It’s about learning which way the wind is blowing and what’s over the horizon.  This fun and interactive seminar will include entertaining stories, live demonstrations, and will also provide some great takeaways for your next “adventure at sea.”

Stepping Up and Stepping Out:  How/Why to get involved in a professional association and out of your comfort zone

Speaker: Jill I. Francisco

In this session, we will discuss how and why to get involved and be active in professional association, which may entail getting out of your comfort zone. Attendees will learn reasons to get involved in professional associations and give them examples on how to get started and learn skills they can perfect by getting involved in professional association – public speaking, etc. Attendees will also learn benefits and positive effects getting out of their comfort zone and getting involved in professional association has on your paralegal career. Finally, Jill will discuss some basic information about NALA and what NALA offers its members and all paralegals.

The Evolution of LGBT

Speaker: Amy S. Hodgson

This presentation will explore civil rights of LGBT, legal issues facing LGBT and the impact of marriage equality on parentage laws.