Inside Cabin for ONE

Our single studio packages are completely sold out, so we have secured a limited amount of inside cabins for one.

Please CLICK HERE to purchase your Inside Cabin for One Package

(Do not register separately – inside cabin for one package INCLUDES event registration)

Your Inside Cabin for ONE Package Includes:

  • Cruise Cabin, Taxes & Port Fees
  • Beverage Package (FREE)
  • Beverage Package Gratuities ($99)
  • Event Registration Fees (no separate event registration fee required)
  • $100 On Board Credit
  • 1 Night Specialty Dining (FREE)
  • 1 Night Specialty Dining Gratuity ($8.99) See Note 1 Below

Note 1: Your package includes 1 night specialty dining and specialty dining gratuity of $8.99. If you prefer, you can exchange the specialty dining for 100 Minutes WiFi Package OR $50 per port shore excursion credit ($100 maximum value). If you choose the WiFi or Shore Excursion Credit INSTEAD of the 1 nights specialty dining, the $8.99 gratuity charge will also be removed from your final balance due. Please keep in mind the following information: You only get the $50 per port shore excursion credit if you book and pay for shore excursions through NCL. If you don’t plan on doing any NCL shore excursions (for example, you just want to get off the ship and walk around etc, OR, if you want to book shore excursions independently from NCL) then don’t choose this perk. If you choose the 100 Minutes WiFi Package, you will be able to upgrade that to an Unlimited WiFi package. You will make your selection during the registration process. You can change this perk until about a week before sailing if you change your mind.

Package Price

Your total package price is $1,386.25. A non-refundable deposit of $275 is required to secure your cabin. This amount includes your deposit, event registration fee and other event fees – no additional deposit or event registration fee will be needed.

Your balance of $1,111.25 will then be due by November 29, 2021 (this date varies based on a couple of factors, your final payment deadline date will be included on your booking confirmation) – you can easily make payments online at any time in any amount as you go, or pay it all at once at the end (we recommend payments). You may also be able to finance this amount for 12 months (you can wait until November to finance, buying you some extra months).

The required deposit will increase over time as cabins start to sell out, to guarantee the lowest price, get your deposit in ASAP!

Please CLICK HERE to purchase your Inside Cabin for One Package

(Do not register separately – inside cabin for one package INCLUDES event registration)

Latitudes Rewards

Because this is a 5 day cruise, you’ll also get your Latitudes Rewards YAYYYYY! If you have cruised on NCL even once before the 2022 cruise, you will get at least some benefits. You can check out the latitudes rewards program HERE. You can check inside your NCL profile to see your Latitudes Rewards Level and corresponding perks.

Connecting Cabins

Coming with a friend? Connecting cabins or side by side cabins may be available depending on availability. Cabin changes cannot be made once your booking has been confirmed, so please make sure you both book on the same day and notify so we know to book you in connecting cabins.

Adding a Second Person

These inside cabins are specially priced for one, but, you can add a second person later if you choose to. The additional cost to add a second person should be minimal. You would pay that cost directly to NCL and the second person must register for the event. You can add a second person up to 7 days before sailing, based on available capacity. E-mail for additional information.