You can see the current 2020 line up below… (keep in mind it is not complete yet, additional sessions will be added soon), CLE approval will not be requested until our line up is completed, stay tuned!

Absolutely! In fact, we typically offer a minimum of 24 hours worth of credits! We always want to have a unique and FUN lineup for you…. We take a lot of care in selecting speakers and topics to ensure you will LEARN something but also have an interesting class that won’t be boring… We always want you to take away some new information that you can put to use, while still enjoying a relaxed casual environment!

We fill our seminar schedule throughout the year, this means the schedule may not be fully completed until early 2020. Once the schedule is fully completed, we will submit all of our CLE applications.

To give you an idea of how many credits you can expect, here’s some information about prior years:

  • 2015 – 27.5 CLE (including 5.0 ethics)
  • 2016 – 27.0 CLE (including 4.0 ethics)
  • 2017 – 30.5 CLE (including 6.0 ethics)
  • 2018 – 25.0 CLE (including 3.0 ethics)
  • 2019 – 27.0 CLE (including 6.5 ethics)

You can see the 2017, 2018 and 2019 lineup at and if you need CLE today, you can purchase the recordings for instant access.

In order to ensure that you will have time to enjoy your tropical vacation adventure and have lots of time to network and build relationships with other paralegals from across the country AND enjoy an amazing cruise vacation, some classes will happen LIVE on the ship, and some classes will be given to you in an on-demand recorded format after the cruise. It usually works out to be about 50/50 but each year is a little different. You’ll get access to the on-demand portion online and can do the classes at your convenience, and if you want to split your CLE credits over two reporting periods, you can do that too! Just take the classes when you need them.

Credits are typically approved for use by paralegals who report to:


Please keep in mind that the CLE approval applications cannot be submitted to each entity until our lineup is complete. This usually happens a couple of months before the cruise.

If you aren’t sure if you can use our CLE credit, just send an email to and we can help you figure it out.


There is no additional charge for seminars or CLE credits included in the annual Paralegal Cruise. As long as you have a legal professional (full access) event registration, all of the seminars and CLE credits are included. There is no extra cost.


Need more information or just want to chat about the cruise or the CLE to figure something out? Just email Linda at or call her at 305-753-2443.

We are still in the process of finalizing our speaker line up, please stay tuned for more programs!

2020 Live Programs

Properly utilizing medical providers to create efficiency for legal professionals and maximize case value

Speaker: Angel J. Rigueras, D.O.

A candid conversation with a Board Certified Pain Management specialist with over a decade of experience in the care of patients who have suffered work related injuries, MVA, or traumatic injury.  Dr. Angel Rigueras has evaluated and treated over 10,000 med-legal patients and developed the compliment of skills required for this unique patient population.  In addition to his interventional and surgical accomplishments, he has honed his skills in providing succinct and relevant medical documentation and offering testimony as both a treating provider and expert witness.

In this discussion, he will share his knowledge on multidisciplinary medical treatment for patients within the personal injury framework including:

  • Traumatic neuromuscular injuries common in most personal injury cases
  • The practice of “medical prudent urgency” in personal injury
  • The use and purpose of a multidisciplinary medical treatment model
  • How diagnostic work-up and triaging occurs for personal injury patients
  • Relevant medical patient-education/information typically provided to personal injury patients

The Versatility of Paralegals – Preparing for voluntary/involuntary changes of employment

Speaker: Michelle Ridge, ACP, FCP

Do you know your professional self worth? In this seminar, Michelle will teach you how to take stock of your skills and talents, emphasize your strengths and educate yourself to improve your weaknesses. Michelle will also give you tips and tricks to creating your own professional and personal makeover and the best ways to market yourself.

eDiscovery from A to Z

Speaker: Kyle Sparks, Senior eDiscovery Specialist

A look at all aspects of the eDiscovery Reference Model focusing on native data identification, collection, processing and production.  Learn “best practices” through this presentation including a take home guide to help your firm navigate the everyday issues of eDiscovery.

The Ins and Outs of Working Freelance

Speakers: Linda McGrath Cruz, ACP, FRP, MPS; Michelle Taylor, FRP and Tina Khera


Minute Medical Clinic for Legal Professionals

Speaker: Paul Pelton, FRP

Whether you specialize in personal injury, worker’s compensation, healthcare law, medical malpractice, or even family law where medical issues sometimes present themselves, a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology and the pathology that affects various organ systems is essential.  Such knowledge is necessary for legal professionals who are tasked with assisting clients who have suffered an illness or injury, reviewing medical records, interfacing with members of the medical community, or working with government entities or other consumers of such case-related metrics.

This seminar will acquaint you with various organ systems of the human body, the basic function of these systems, and common pathological problems seen in these organ systems.  The goal is to help you demystify various medical conditions, and to provide you with some useful sources of information to assist when medical issues are presented.

As an example, we will look at some musculoskeletal injuries and conditions; neurological problems; cardiology and vascular conditions; pulmonary conditions; kidney issues; gastroenterology conditions; and reproductive-system issues.

The Basics of Estate Planning 

Speaker: Michelle Taylor, FRP

The common misconception of estate planning is that you must be wealthy to have an estate.  However, the truth is, if you own any assets, regardless of their value, you have an estate and need to plan, or your resident state will do it for you.  In this presentation, we will discuss the importance of a basic estate plan in order to avoid having your property end up in the hands of the government and to ensure that your wishes are carried out during your lifetime and beyond.

Overcoming Challenges in the Workplace 

Speaker: Felice Solomon

Career expert Felice Solomon will guide you through a variety of workplace challenges and provide practical solutions for dealing with them. Some of the hot topics she will cover include dealing with abusive bosses, setting boundaries, taking breaks and working for free, gossip and negativity in the office and knowing when it’s time to cut your losses and move on.


2020 On Demand / Take Home Programs


10 Practical Tips for Successfully Managing Online Reputations

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speakers: Financial advisor expert Sameer Somal and communications and development strategist Laura Powers

During this presentation, Sameer and Laura discussed:

  • Introduction to ORM, SERPS, possible scenarios and some examples
  • 10 practice tips for managing online reputation
  • Case studies

ADA Paratransit

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Paratransit specialist Melissa Gemelli

During this presentation, Melissa discussed:

  • The definition of ADA Paratransit
  • Eligibility
  • Eligibility decisions
  • Appeals process
  • Service criteria
  • Provisions of service

Collecting and Understanding Electronic Medical Records in Litigation

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Network security specialist Cory Hamma

During this presentation, Cory discussed:

  • Description of an electronic medical record
  • Types of EMR systems
  • Potential for data manipulation
  • Gaining access to EMR data
  • Illustrative court cases

Employee Privacy Issues & E-Surveillance Practices

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Law enforcement and safety expert Timothy Dimoff

During this presentation, Tim Dimoff discussed:

  • The definition of e-surveillance
  • Reasons for electronic surveillance
  • Legal issues
  • What a company cannot do
  • Why an employee investigation would fail

Food Safety Risks Associated with CBD Oil Consumption

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Food safety expert Darrel Suderman

During this presentation, Darrel will discuss:

  • Hemp farming and harvesting
  • What is CBD (hemp) v. THC (marijuana)?
  • Benefit claims
  • CBD manufacturing process
  • FDA regulatory process (GRAS guidance)
  • Unregulated product safety
  • Sales legality

Forensic Linguistics

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Computer science expert Dr. Patrick Juola

During this presentation, Dr. Juola discussed:

  • The definition of “forensic linguistics”
  • What it can do
  • Linguistics as “pattern evidence”
  • Two case studies (Binongo, Juola)
  • Accuracy and admissibility
  • Summary and questions

Forensic Psychiatric Evaluation of Emotional Distress Claims in Employment Discrimination Cases: Using Psychiatric Experts Wisely

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Psychiatric expert Dr. Stuart Kleinman

During this presentation, Dr. Kleinman discussed:

  • Assessment of emotional distress
  • Methodology
  • Prognosis
  • Objective/Subjective
  • The reasonable person
  • Malingering and misattribution
  • Advanced issues
  • Psychological tests
  • Assistance with investigations
  • Legal bases for damage claims

How to Conduct Harassment and Bullying Investigations

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Education and workplace harassment expert Dr. Susan Strauss

During this presentation, Susan discussed:

  • If investigation is necessary
  • Components of investigation
  • Steps of investigation
  • Interviewing the accuser, accused & witness
  • Formal and informal investigative procedure
  • Conclusions following investigation
  • Writing a formal report

Modern Digital Transformation Challenges in the Pursuit to Be Data-Driven

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: IT and Data Consultant William McKnight

During this presentation, William McKnight discussed:

  • Introduction to Modern Digital Transformation
  • Cloud computing
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Artificial intelligence

Use of Force Videos in Court Cases Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Sponsored by The TASA Group – Your Best Source for Experts Worldwide

Speaker: Law enforcement and safety expert Timothy Dimoff

During this presentation, Tim Dimoff discussed:

  • Why videos do not always tell the whole story
  • The use of force continuum
  • Acceptable police reactions in threatening situations
  • The effect of human factors in confrontations and how they influence videos
  • Supreme court rulings regarding the use of videos in court