Attendee Events

Wine Tasting – SOLD OUT

Date/Time: Monday, March 4, 2019 from 4:30-5:30

Do you enjoy drinking wine and having fun with friends? This is a private wine tasting for our attendees only and is limited to 25 attendees. This event is open to friends & family as well but pre-payment is required, we can’t hold spots. Tickets are $30 per person – non refundable – this includes pre-payment for the wine tasting event and gratuity.

Martini Tasting – SOLD OUT

Date/Time: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 from 4:30-5:30

Do you enjoy drinking martinis and having fun with friends? This is a private martini tasting for our attendees only and is limited to 25 attendees. This event is open to friends & family as well but pre-payment is required, we can’t hold spots. Tickets are $30 per person – non refundable – this includes pre-payment for the martini tasting event and gratuity.

Specialty Dinners

First, let’s get some frequently asked questions out of the way – if you know how specialty dining works, skip to the RULES below before booking…

I thought my meals were included? They are. There are approximately nine different dining options which are included in your cruise fare including a huge buffet, a casual sports bar type of restaurant, a casual sit down, a more formal sit down and more. You can learn all about the complimentary dining options by clicking HERE.

You can click HERE to check out some sample menus from the various dining options.

Do I need to make a reservation for complimentary dining? No. You do not need reservations for complimentary dining options and there is no charge or gratuity – that’s already included in your cruise fare.

So what are specialty dining restaurants? Specialty dining restaurants are special restaurants which charge an “up charge”. Some – like Teppanyaki – charge a flat fee, and some charge regular menu prices just like a regular restaurant. There is absolutely no obligation or requirement to have dinner at a specialty dining restaurant. It is completely voluntary/optional, some people just prefer it. Specialty dining restaurants are smaller, so they usually have a more intimate environment, and they offer upgraded/different menu options. You can learn about the specialty dining restaurant options by clicking HERE.

Do I need to make a reservation for specialty dining? Reservations are strongly recommended for specialty dining restaurants. You can make reservations by going into your account profile on If your desired date/time isn’t available, try making a reservation for your second option and then you can always change them once you get on board. Making reservations before the cruise isn’t required, but it’s better if you can. You can always go and add/change/remove/etc reservations once you get on the ship. Also, you can go to a specialty dining restaurant with no reservation, but don’t be surprised if you get turned away. It really just depends on how busy they are.

How much do specialty dining restaurants cost? It varies. Teppanyaki is approximately $35 per person which includes your entire meal and gratuity. Cagneys, Le Bistro and La Cucina are a la carte pricing which basically means you pay for whatever you order, so just like a regular restaurant you go to the menu will have prices and you pay based on what you order.

Can I get a FREE specialty dining package? Yes, can choose a free 3-night specialty dining package as your free perk. If you chose this perk, you can have dinner three times in any of the specialty dining restaurants for free and your gratuity is also included. If you want to go more than 3 nights, you would simply pay individually for the additional nights.

Can I buy a specialty dining package? Yes, if you don’t choose the specialty dining package as your free perk, you can purchase a package for 3, 4 or 5 nights.  You can buy a dining package online before the cruise OR on the ship.

The dining package covers your meal and gratuity, so ignore the menu prices if you are using the dining package. It’s NOT dining package PLUS menu prices, it’s dining package OR menu prices.

So what are these reservations? Each year I personally host a dinner for approximately 20 people each night. So, this reservation is to join my party for dinner. There is no obligation to join my party for dinner. If you want to make your own reservations, you can make them as indicated above.

What happens at dinner? Nothing, it’s dinner. There isn’t a speaker or a special event or anything. This is just dinner with me and my “inner circle”.  There could be a surprise swag item or something, no promises.


You must be booked AND registered to reserve a dinner… if you somehow stumbled across this page and you haven’t booked AND registered, your reservation may be cancelled.

Two dinner limit per person – I host 5 dinners and only about 14 additional people can join us for each dinner, therefore I ask that you please only book a maximum of two dinners with my party so that everyone has a chance to participate. If I have space left over once everyone has made their choices, I’ll let you know in case you want to book another one.

If you book Cagney’s as your first option, please choose a different restaurant for your second choice, please don’t book Cagney’s twice as that is the first choice for most people.

Your friends and family are welcome – WITHIN REASON – if you are sailing with your spouse etc, then you are both welcome, if you are sailing with 14 family members on a mini family vacation, please make your own dinner reservation so that you don’t take the entire lot :). Make sure you get 1 ticket per person.

Make sure that you don’t double book – meaning, if you book dinner with me at Cagneys on Saturday, DO NOT go on NCL’s website and book dinner for Saturday. This booking is your reservation. Once you book with me, you DO NOT need to go on and book or confirm with NCL.

Because this booking is under my name, this booking will not show up on your NCL “planner” so be sure to add it to your calendar so you don’t forget and double book. I will remind you a few days before the cruise and you will also receive a reminder the day of the cruise.

If you need to cancel before the cruise, please email so that the opportunity can go to someone else.

You do not need to pay anything at this time. You will pay the restaurant directly by either using your dining package OR paying the a la carte price.

By booking, you agree to arrive at the restaurant approximately 5-10 minutes early. We will be seated promptly at the time listed for each reservation and we need time to get the group together etc.

Menus are provided as samples only and are subject to change.

Cagney’s – SATURDAY March 2 at 7 PM – MenuBook Your Ticket

Teppanyaki – SUNDAY March 3 at 6 PM – MenuBook Your Ticket

Le Bistro – MONDAY March 4 at 7 PM – MenuBook Your Ticket

La Cucina -TUESDAY March 5 at 7 PM – MenuBook Your Ticket

Cagney’s – WEDNESDAY March 6 at 7 PM – MenuBook Your Ticket