Karen Santagata

2015 √, 2017 √ 2018 Booked, 2019 Booked. Great way to get CLE credits needed for RP in one setting. Fun times and great venue. Linda McGrath-Cruz is totally amazing and represents the paralegal profession as an ultimate professional.

Nisha West

I had a great time meeting and learning from other paralegals; it was nice to be celebrated. I’ve signed up for my third sailing and I can’t wait.

Linda Murphy

Had a fantastic time, and the CLE’s were on target. Linda does an amazing job in coordinating, organizing and going above and beyond on so many levels!

Michelle Taylor

I show my attorney the cost of the cruise and time off for the cruise and compare it to how much more the CLEs will cost if bought separately and how much more time I’d miss from work. I also make sure he knows that I am talking about where I work and becoming a part of a valuable network that supports each other, and I always let him know how much I appreciate it. He loves sending me on the cruise!  I also have met some really great paralegals that have helped me and I’ve been able to help a few myself. The value is really incredible for both the paralegal and attorney for much longer than just the time on the cruise. I feel I’m a better person and a better Paralegal because of my experiences on and relationships created from the cruise.

Cheryl Gross Given

I loved the CLE and the camaraderie. Everything was VERY well organized. The 2017 cruise was my first and I am signed up for 2018 and 2019.

Melissa Conley-Guido

Thank you for all your hard work for putting on the “2015 Paralegal Cruise”. The speakers were amazing and I had so much fun. I am looking forward to “2016 Paralegal Cruise.

Nicole Amabile

Ms. McGrath-Cruz was able to organize a tremendous CLE opportunity for paralegals during the Paralegal Cruise 2015. Speakers were lined up from around the country, as well as attendees from many different states. She was able to effectively lead and organize an excellent learning and networking opportunity for members of the legal community, and did so with patience and communication. Ms. McGrath-Cruz has been and continues to be an open communicator to meet the needs of each of her clients and recognizes them all by face and name. I will surely use her services in the future.

Linda Murphy

Linda is amazing – this is the second year that I have gone to the Navigating the Perilous Waters cruise, and the first year that I was a presenter. You can not ask for a better format, organization and execution. She and those that assist her make this look like a walk in the park – but just thinking about what it would take to pull this together is intimating! I will see her and her group next year! best CLEs ever!

Sharon Gittin

Linda has an amazing ability to pull together a program full of learning as well as fun, networking, adventure. I just completed the 2015 Paralegal Cruise that she organized and have already booked the 2016 cruise. The CPE programs were informational, interesting and useful in my current position. In addition, the live courses were accepted by the NC State Bar for compliance with our CPE requirements for certification. Linda did a great job!

Kimberly King

I attended the 2015 Paralegal Cruise, as well as the 2014 Paralegal Cruise. Linda does an amazing job organizing this event. The classes are informative and a lot of fun. I would highly recommend signing up for the 2016 Paralegal Cruise.

Ellen Diaz-Peralta

Linda is very detail oriented and pays extra attention to all the small details. She has managed to put together a series of paralegal cruises through the “Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters” theme. I had the pleasure of attending both the 2014 and 2015 Paralegal Cruises and they are an amazing opportunity and tool for not only getting your CLEs, but also networking with attorneys, paralegals, sponsors, vendors and all sorts of interesting people from all over the Country while enjoying a great mini-vacation. Linda manages to put these cruises together while being a full time paralegal, wife and also having some furry friends waiting for her attention at home. Thank you Linda, you are an awesome and terrific person and I am really glad to have met you through these events. Can’t wait for the 2016 Paralegal Cruise. Keep up your awesomeness.

Michael Politis

My staff attended the 2014 Paralegal Cruise that Linda organized and they were all very pleased. The organization of all events (social and business) were spectacular. The CLE classes were informative and enjoyable. The staff is looking forward to attending another event soon.

Karin Turner

I attended the January 31, 2014 Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters Cruise event, and I thought Linda did an excellent job integrating a learning environment with all of the amenities offered on a cruise ship. It was a great way to earn CLE credit and an overall fun event.

Caroline Wilkerson

I attended the 2014 Paralegal Cruise and it was a wonderful experience!  It was great to get to know other paralegals from different parts of the country.  I loved attending the CLEs – a wide variety of topics that were informative and useful.  I also enjoyed just being on the cruise and all the activities it offered. I have signed up for the 2015 cruise and can’t wait!

Karyn Leahy

Linda Rocked the 2014 Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters Cruise!  She put together great speakers/CLEs; she organized a slew of paralegals; and made it a fun trip to boot!

Alicia Kendrick

From start to finish, and all the CLE courses in between, Linda’s “Navigating Perilous Waters” CLE cruise was excellent.

Ruth Berge

I had the pleasure of attending the Paralegal Cruise that Linda coordinated in 2014. It was very smooth, good speakers, great programs and Linda herself was everywhere, continuing to coordinate and facilitate. I was so impressed that when I returned to my employer, I recommended the cruise as an excellent event for education, networking and relaxation. My employer has already made reservations for three paralegals to attend in 2015.

Sherry Zabriskie

Linda did a excellent job putting together the Paralegal Cruise on January 31, 2014.!  She is certainly not afraid of hard work!!!!.

Sarah Lins Chapman

I attended the 2014 Paralegal Cruise and felt it was a wonderful event–Linda did a great job getting vendors and speakers for CLEs and arranging things through the cruise line. Also she organized a cocktail hour and all attendees got a goody bag. Linda really cares about the paralegal profession and did a superb job organizing a highly educational and entertaining event – very creative CLE idea

Dana  Martinez Jones

Linda was great at pulling together paralegals all over the country to cruise together. The speakers were great and it was very nice to enjoy a cocktail while attending a CLE course. 🙂 This was one of the best networking events I’ve attended in years! I am already signed up for next year.

Sandra Reynolds

Linda organized a great cruise.  Felice Soloman, Kevin Cutler and Mark McCarthy led discussions that were of interest to everyone not just paralegals.

Stacey Hawley

My husband I attended the January 31, 2014 Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters Cruise event and had a great time. The event was organized and a great value for the money.

Jan Ellison 

I attended the Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters Cruise (2014). It was awesome. I had never been on a cruise before and coupled with wonderful CLE classes, it was an “offer I couldn’t refuse!!” We had a great time, met a lot of interesting people, had a wonderful vacation and got CLE credit that would have cost me twice the amount anywhere else without the cruise…. Linda did a fantastic job of coordinating this project and a great time was had by all.

Barbara Pease

Linda did a fabulous job on the 2014 Paralegals Navigating Perilous Waters Cruise event – I had a great time!

Here are some additional comments sent in via e-mail or left on our Facebook page:

  • I can’t thank you enough for all of you hard work organizing this. You certainly have my admiration!
  • I want to thank you again for such a terrific event! I had never been on a cruise before and I really enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to receiving information for the next cruise.
  • Thanks so much for a wonderful event!
  • I want to thank you for an excellent cruise. I enjoyed the cruise and the CLE seminars immensely. I am definitely interested in attending next year.
  • thank you for everything! Job well-done!
  • I am ready for the next cruise. You did a fabulous job. You should perhaps teach a course on extreme organization.
  • Enjoyed so much meeting you & am looking forward to next trip (so keep me posted please)
  • Thank you for a WONDERFUL cruise and legal learning opportunity
  • The seminar and cruise was great! I LOOK FORWARD TO 2015!


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